Dien Chan Zone®: the complete offer

In its full application, Dien Chan Zone® is a multi-reflexology. This means that the qualified reflexologists of A.I.R.F.I. they have the possibility to work not only on the face but also on the body.


​The following is an outline of the complete offer that guarantees the freedom to assist their recipients in various ways and with different tools. This page is by no means exhaustive, but demonstrates the broad reach of Dien Chan Zone® which, while focused primarily on the face, extends to the whole body.


In proximity to the brain and sense organs, the face has a first-rate reflex zone that demonstrates rapid and often immediate results from the reflexology treatment.

Starting from the manifested symptom, a personalized treatment is outlined to remove the energy blocks that cause the present disharmony.

After each treatment, the recipient is given a personalized map for self-treatment.


A unique treatment developed by A.I.R.F.I. to tone facial muscles, improve skin function and appearance. It works on the face, head and neck, reflecting the muscles of the whole body.

​Using a gentle stimulation on the face with the fingertips or with specific tools you get extraordinary results. Therefore it is particularly suitable for all those with skin problems, elderly people and small children. Another way of understanding the face and another method of applying reflexology.


Created and developed by Beatrice Moricoli, Cranial Reflexology is an exclusive technique of our Academy.

It is the most powerful treatment from the energetic point of view of the Dien Chan Zone® training package as it allows both the recipient and the operator to work in synergy for not only physical but also emotional and spiritual rebalancing.


The advanced course provides the basics of meridian theory as a further opportunity for intervention at the service of Dien Chan Zone® multi-reflexology.

The spinal column is also studied as all its discs correspond to parts of the body, emotions and problems. By investigating this area with care and precision we can decipher where exactly the body is requiring the most energy. This is a one of a kind tool offered by the school.


Dien Chan Zone® in its complete form is a multi-reflexology. In addition to the face, in fact, in Vietnamese massage, reflex maps present in all areas of the body are covered using the touch of the hands and biological oils. The result is a pleasant, relaxing and highly effective treatment.


Dien Chan Zone® is a unique technique of its kind. It offers extraordinary, sometimes surprising and often immediate results for different types of disharmonies in the body. It originated in distant Vietnam in 1980, after about five years of study and applications by its creator, Professor Bùi Quôc Châu and a group of acupuncturists. It is the most recent reflexology and does not incorporate any oriental technique related to the face.


Dien Chan Zone® is a reflexology that applies the principle whereby by stimulating one part of the body another is rebalanced. More precisely, when the skin, as a major sense organ, is stimulated, according to established maps that reflect all the organs of the body, the central and peripheral nervous system, responds to reach the target organ or area


To date, our Academy, based in Milan, Italy, has trained thousands of Practitioners, Reflexologists and Teachers who work in Italy and abroad. With great satisfaction, in 2016 we held our first fair outside our homeland, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This was followed by other international fairs.