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Italian Facial Reflexology

 It offers extraordinary, sometimes surprising and often immediate results for different types of disharmonies in the body. It comes from the root of Dien Chan which originated in distant Vietnam in 1980, after about five years of study and applications by its creator, Professor Bùi Quôc Châu and a group of acupuncturists.


It was developed to ensure that the Vietnamese population, destroyed by war, can practice the therapy independently, on themselves and their families at no cost, simply with their hands on their faces. Today in Europe this intention still remains at the center of our work and becomes Dien Chan Zone®, our adapted version of the technique.


It is the most recent reflexology which in recent years has had an international development.


We have designed short and intense courses so that anyone can join and learn with us. Longer courses in our opinion have the effect of dulling the enthusiasm of students who will still learn more working in the “real world”.


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