Junior Teacher

Junior Teacher Course

To access the Junior Teacher training, it is necessary to have obtained the Dien Chan Zone® Facial Reflexologist certificate.


The Junior Teacher course is developed in a one-week residential. To be admitted to this course it is necessary to make direct contact with Beatrice Moricoli.


With this certificate you can hold:

  • the Self-treatment course

  • il corso “Dien Chan Daily”

  • the Operator course in all the languages into which it has been translated

  • thematic days for Oncology, Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, Junior Reflexology

All Junior A.I.R.F.I. Teachers

Train Dien Chan Zone® Operators in all languages in which the manual has been translated

Organize daily Basic, Dien Chan Zone® Daily, Oncology, Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy, Junior Reflexology classes

Organize seminars, presentations, conferences, meetings and workshops with the aim of sharing this technique

Train Dien Chan Zone® Reflexologists and other Dien Chan Zone® Teachers

Share or reproduce, even in part, all didactic material learned during the course such as audio, video, images, books, manuals, maps, logos, diagrams, and drawings

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