Operator course


Operator course

This course is taught over three days (21 hours of teaching) and has been designed to put this simple method in the hands of everyone. It is open to all those who wish to help themselves and others, with or without prior experience of energy balancing techniques. To those that do already hold experience or a specialty in the field, this course is a precious opportunity to amplify their own understanding and skills.







The origins and rules of Dien Chan/ Dien Chan Zone

The holistic body, reflexology and its function

12 maps of the face (includes internal organs, external organs and yin-yang)

Dien Chan Zone protocol (relaxation, tonification and obligatory points) to be completed at the start of each treatment

How to complete protocol in a therapeutic setting

Study and practice of exercises to treat 7 systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary, genital, nervous and endocrine)

Practice on yourself and others

Practice with the teacher(s)

Instructions to obtain all points covered in the course (on self and others)


Complete course manual

Basic tools

Certificate of participation (must demonstrate theoretical and practical aptitude)

Listing on the Academy website

Association membership card

Academy's Whatsapp channel for questions, doubts and perplexities

Opportunity to participate in practice meetings organized monthly by the Academy and teachers


The operator course will soon be offered in an online version in English. Although it is currently only available in Italian, our dedicated team is tirelessly working to bring you this convenient and versatile learning opportunity.


Course in italian: dienchanzone.online


Perform facial treatments following the protocols and base maps studied in the course

Attend fairs and events only in the presence of a teacher or reflexologist within their group

Organize seminars

Teach or train new Dien Chan Zone® Operator

Organize presentations, conferences, meetings and workshops with the purpose of sharing the technique

Share or reproduce, even in part, all course materials learned in the course such as audio, video, images, books, manuals, maps, logos, diagrams, and drawings

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